The beauty of unexpected encounters in Venice

The magical city of Venice always surprises me. A few days ago I was wandering through the little allies, crossing bridges and passing San Marco square to meet a friend of mine at Hotel Danieli. The hotel is already overwhelmingly beautiful with its Venetian arquitecture and currently a very inspiring exhibition "Forgotten Spaces. All that is left behind" by Chiara Cocchi fills the entrance hall of the hotel and is exposed on many different levels of the building. 

"Venice is a special place where people and emotions interwine just like the flow of the waters amidst the lagoon's canals. Venice is a mystery fascinates and brings similar souls closer together", as Antonello De Medici puts it. During that afternoon Chiara, better known as Penelope and I run into each other trough a great coincidence, which life often offers to us. 

Penelope's exhibition exposes us to unseen and undiscovered places of Venice, which gives us an entire new perspective of the lagoon city. New light is shed on unconventional sites of Venice while recalling themes of a secret and mysterious world. 

She describes her extensive research for the exhibition as fascinating and a great adventure. Penelope studied in Bologna and was new to Venice. Her curious character allowed her to be immersed into a parallel world in Venice, which lives according to its own rules and time. 

"Art finds it deepest value when it is the authentic expression of a deep human experience. Art become profound when it exposes us, explains us, or inspires us", Erwin Raphael McManus. "Forgotten Spaces. All that is left behind" gives reason to deep authentic expressions of Penelope's intimate and inspiring travel through Venice. 

I'm very grateful for the encounter with Penelope. As it left a true inspirational spark.

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Love from Venice,