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Nothing to See Here

Kajo Collection is incredibly proud to be the official partner of the Square Gallery London featuring Emma Fineman, Fabian Pfleger, David Schwarz and Dasha Loyko in the joint exhibition 'Nothing to See Here'. 

See you all in London.

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Art lovers,

2015 has passed. An incredible year full of art and travel throughout the most inspiring cities within Europe. Now it is time for our first exhibition in 2016: traveling to Cologne, Germany.

The group exhibition “ENLIGHTMOTIVE” features Verena Bonath, Fabian Pfleger, Emily Nelms Perez, David Schwarz and Birgit Wolfram who contribute to reality with their own reflection on society.

It is the beholders privilege to uncover the ambiguity and the paradoxes in the entirety of these realities. “Enlightmotive” is attempting to merge these nuances through a group exhibition, creating an ensemble out of identity, light and realization. Where light receives a new and recurring significance for the overall concept of art and engagement.

We are incredibly excited to see you all in Cologne.

Share the love for art.

Your traveling art gallery,

Kajo Collection

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In the USA, he is celebrated as “Wunderkind Painter”

The New York Times Style Magazine features him together with Damien Hirst

The Tagesspiel newspaper describes him as “Early matured artist” 

Kay Heymer, Director of Modern Art Department, Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf describes his art as “Making you forget that there ever was pop art and postmodernism.” 

The 29 year old German-Russian painter truly creates memorable art with historic, religious and philosophical references. 

Kajo Collection is proud to announce “REVELANTIONS” - The exhibition of Yury Kharchenko in his art gallery Poiesis Spec in Berlin on October 22.

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to Aug 10

Birgit Wolfram Schiller

Kajo Collection proudly presents Birgit Wolfram's solo exhibition Schiller in the heart of Venice, Italy.

We are proud to announce that the artist will be also personally present to give the audience a live impression about her art and the philosophy of her artistic creation. Her work has been displayed by prestigious galleries, including the US National Academy Museum and is part of numerous private collections. The German fine artist has already won a variety of awards around the world and currently has her studio in Brooklyn, New York, where she immigrated at only 22 years of age. 

Visit us at the magnificent Palazzo Zenobio:

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