Fabian Pfleger

Selected Works

Fabian Pfleger, b.1991, Düsseldorf, Germany:

The concept of coexistence is utilized as Pfleger’s point of departure. “Rather than searching for a place where I can relate to, I try to embrace different feelings of belonging to fully engage with the moment I’m in, which I entirely contribute to through painting.”


In his works of art, Pfleger is dealing with the exploration of his own identity, which is portrayed in a combination of abstract motives, forms and figures, symbols and realistic elements. The emerging artist is able to create a vivid, colorful and figurative universe, which seams to provoke a stimulus satiation at first glance.


The human creatures of Pfleger’s creations portray the impossibility of maintaining a fixed identity in the fast paced society we find ourselves in. Pfleger’s paintings display hints of everyday objects providing a new habitat through his artistic expression.

Pfleger lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. Find more of his works on: http://cargocollective.com/PflegerArt